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Dynamic Loader Reference Implementationridl_ossThis is an open source reference implementation of the dynamic loader that is covered under the TI BSD open source license restrictions. It is designed as a tesing platform that can load and run ELF dynamic applications that are built with the latest TI compilers (C6000 CGT v7.0; TMS470 CGT 4.6)(Project not rated)
Ducati System Projectducati_systemThis project focuses on developing foundation framework software for OMAP Ducati subsystem. The intent is to significantly shorten the time it may take to develop new Ducati software and to boost the comfort level with Ducati subsystem.(Project not rated)
DSP Ease of Use Development dspeasyThis project is intended to develop software and methods to simplify building and running code on the DSP core of the OMAP3 and OMAPL1 devices. Initial focus will be on using DSPLink for communicating between cores.(Project not rated)
Davinci Multimedia Application InterfacedmaiThe DaVinci Multimedia Application Interface (DMAI) is a thin utility layer on top of the operating system (Linux or DSP/BIOS) and the Codec Engine (CE) to assist in quickly writing portable applications on a DaVinci platform. DMAI is used by the DVSDK demos as of DVSDK 1.40, and is also used by the TI OMAP and Davinci Gstreamer port.(Project not rated)
CToolsLibctoolslibCTools Library  Comments...

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