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CD card boot for dm3xx dm3xx_sd_bootBooting and initializing dm3xx (dm355,dm365) systems from SD card (MMC)(Project not rated)
C6474 Serial RapidIO DirectIO LibrarysriodirectiolibDIO library aims at providing a CSL-like Serial RapidIO (SRIO) "functional layer" for the directIO mode of Texas Instruments' TMS320C645x/7x DSP platform(Project not rated)
C6474 multicore nqueens demo6474_nqueensC6474 multicore demo utilizing nqueens C-code taken from Wikipedia and J. Somers running on the TI C6474 EVM. Both DSPs on the board are used and they communicate via SRIO. The package is self containing.(Project not rated)
C6474 AIF for Inter-DSP CommunicationaifinterdspDemonstration of how the AIF peripheral can be used for generic inter-DSP communication(Project not rated)
C6472 EVM On-board Demo6472evm_oobdemoC6472 On-board NAND Demo Application(s). This project page contains the original "out-of-the-box" version as well a place to add new demo ideas, modifications and branches to the original concept. (Project not rated)

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