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BitblitbitblitThis package is written to provide low level blitting/blending graphics acceleration services support. The graphics operations are accelerated using 64x+ and 674x. The package also provides an easy to use ARM side API via Codec Engine to the user. The raw BITBLIT algorithm functions have been wrapped into a XDAIS algorithm. In order for the algorithm to be used within Codec Engine the IUNIVERSAL API was implemented. A test program is included (bitblit_test) which tests each of the modes. (Project not rated)
Audio Video Examplesav_examplesThis project hosts example applications which demonstrates audio, video capture and display features of TI processors(Project not rated)
ARM Multimediaam_multimediaThis project provides example applications to evaluate ARM based multimedia on TI Sitara products(Project not rated)
ARM Microprocessor Benchmarksam_benchmarksARM Microprocessor Benchmarks: This project is intended to provide ARM performance measurement tools.(Project not rated)
ARM Crypto Supportarm_cryptoAccelerated cryptographic functions for OMAP3x/AM3x devices.(Project not rated)

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