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Sitara Flash ToolsitaraflashtoolSitara ARM Microprocessors Flash Tool for AM335x and following devices.(Project not rated)
SGX GraphicsgleslayerThis project provides necessary additional packages for Graphics software from TI. This currently includes XgxPerf - a development and performance benchmarking toolkit for Qt framework and SGXPERF for SGX530. A GLES renderer for the OGRE3D Gaming Engine is already part of OGRE mainline. (Project not rated)
qt-demosqt-emb-demosqt based demos for arm embedded processor(Project not rated)
PRU Softwarepru_swSoftware for TI's Programmable Real time Unit (PRU), including Linux driver & samples(Project not rated)
Pin Setup for AM18xxpinsetup_am18xxPin setup utility for AM18xx devices(Project not rated)

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