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MSP430 MMC Codemsp430_mmc_codeTI low-cost Multicore C64x and C66x DSP EVMs are compatible with the AMC form factor and can be plugged into an AMC chassis. The on-board MSP430 acts as the MMC and interfaces with the system's MCH. This is the code and project files that runs on the MSP430.  Comments...
Mini FilesystemminifsSmall embedded filesystem for quick development(Project not rated)
Medical Imaging Demo Application Startermed_ultrasoundTexas Instruments' Medical Imaging Demo Application Starter (MIDAS) illustrates the integration of key medical imaging algorithm modules on Texas Instruments (TI) DSPs and System-on-Chips. (Project not rated)
Media Controller Utilsm_c_utilsContains utility software to load the Media Controller firmware from Cortex A8.(Project not rated)
matrix-gui-v2 appsmatrixguiv2appsHosting for smaller matrix applications icons, description pages, and desktop entries.(Project not rated)

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