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WilLink8 Releasewilink8_filesShare and hold Wilink8 release files(Project not rated)
WiLink Connectivity Drivers for OMAPwilink_driversProject develops Open source drivers for TI's WiLink (including WL1271) Solution for OMAP. (Project not rated)
Titan - Texas Instrument Test AutomatioNtitanTitan is a Test Automation Tool powered by Java and developed to run Linux Kernel test cases.(Project not rated)
TIMotorLIBtimotorlibThe aim of this project is to introduce TIMotorLIB. TIMotorLIB is an open source library in the terms of LGPL license. The proposal of this library is to achieve fast development of digital control systems, mostly focused on the control of power converters, using Texas Instruments TMS320F28XXX Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) based boards. The development of this code has been done using the eZdsp F28335 board from Spectrum Digital. The library is programmed using C as the main language, although additional contents can be developed using TMS320C28x assembler (F28XXX CPU).(Project not rated)
TI81xx A8 Host Utilitiesti81xx_a8utilsTI81xx A8 Host Utilities are a set of useful utilities which can be used by users for debug and profiling from A8 Host side on TI81xx platform. Currently its implemented and tested for TI816x but is portable to TI814x. Includes utilities for - Remote Processor Printf - DDR/L3 System Priority Set/Get - Register / Memory Rd/Wr - Ethernet + SATA use-case profiling - EDMA user space exported APIs - Syslink load and debug utilities(Project not rated)

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