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TI OMAP4 Blaze TabletblazetabletThe project develops and ports Android for TI OMAP4 Blaze Tablet Platform.(Project not rated)
TI Embedded Speech RecognizertiesrThe TI Embedded Speech Recognizer (TIesr) is a set of fixed-point APIs implementing speech recognition. It balances resource usage, robustness to environment, and performance, and has an easy-to-use interface. This makes TIesr an excellent recognizer for developing a wide variety of voice-enabled embedded applications.  Comments...
Symbian Foundation on OMAPZoomomapsymbianTI ZoomII baseport for Symbian^3(Project not rated)
Support ProjectsupportSite Support Project(Project not rated)
SteelheadsteelheadThis is a project to support Google Nexus Q running AOSP Android on top of TI 3.0 kernel(Project not rated)

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