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Pin Mux Utility for Sitara ARM MPUpinmuxutilitySoftware tool for evaluation of pin muxing options for Sitara ARM MPU and related devices.(Project not rated)
panda-binariespanda_binariespandabord binary files(Project not rated)
OpenMax for OmapopenmaxThe project contains TI's OMX components written on top of accelerated DSP codecs. (Project not rated)
OpenLinkopenlinkTI's wireless solution for community(Project not rated)
omapreg_debugomapreg_debugThis module provides read/write access to the complete system space using the DebugFS interface. This is similar to devmem2 userspace tool. But certain registers in OMAP architecture can be accessed only in supervisor mode. This tool provides this using the DebugFS interface. For example, the pinmux registers in DM816x and DM814x platform cannot be written from userspace. This module will be helpfull in this case. This is just a debug module which could build separately and used. The same module should also work on all 32-bit CPU architectures (not only ARM/OMAP).(Project not rated)

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