Added AM437x support to ctoolslib

Statistic Collector, A9 Core Trace and System Trace Message Examples added for AM437x. This release also includes updates to STMLib for big endian support for Keystone DSPs, and big endian builds for CPTLib and CP Tracer examples.

Updates to Examples, STMLib, DSPTraceLib (improved documentation), SCILib, ETBLib, and CPTLib. 


Added DRA7xx support to ctoolslib

Updated SCILib, PMICMILib and ETBLib for DRA7xx support. Added the following DRA7x Examples:

  • A15 core trace with PTMLib
  • Statistic Collector (bus profiling) with SCILib
  • Message logging (printf like) with STMlib
  • Power and clock monitoring with PMICMILib
  • PTM and STM trace collection with ETBLib



Keystone 2/OMAP5430 Update Release

Major update providing Keystone 2 and OMAP5430 support across libraries.

Also in this update:

  • STM 5.0 released with new operating mode for character based messages.
  • Keystone and OMAP Examples updated to utilize common example source.
  • All libraries updated for C++ compatibility.
  • AETLib-4.11 released to fix bugs in previous release.

AETLIB 4.10 Released

 AETLIB 4.10 has been released.  It contains multiple bug fixes from the 4.00 release, along with a new API AET_addTrigger which allows additional triggers to be added to an existing job.  This capability allows more flexibility and a more efficient use of the AET logical units.

Monitor test

Test for monitoring