GStreamer OMX video capture solutions for DM81xx processors

RidgeRun has added support for GStreamer OMX video capture.  You can get the code from github ( with the tested pipelines documented at


DVSDK 4.01 Support in today's trunk checkin

DVSDK 4.01 support has been added with today's checkin. See for more information.

The noticeable changes:
- DVSDK defines separate target for DM3730 vs OMAP3530 and in order to adhere this we need to have... (see more)

Capture+encode pipeline syntax changes with today's trunk check-in

See details on how capture+encode pipelines should be written with the latest changes.

gst-ti-dmai plug-in 1.02 released

Use the Files link off to the left to download the latest tested gst-ti-dmai plug-in, release 1.02, for DM355, DM365, and DM6467T using DVSDK 3.10.

DVSDK 3.10 Support Checked-In to Trunk for DM6467T, DM365, and DM355

This morning the final commits went in that add support for DVSDK 3.10 for DM6467T, DM365, and DM355.

DVSDK 3.10 can be downloaded from:

Note that some additional kernel patches and boot arguments are needed to support mmap-allocated... (see more)