Release Repository

Note that this SRIO DIO LIB project is a software release repository and not a development environment. Release ZIP files are posted, but no development source control system (SVN) is enabled.
For support, please refer to the appropriate TI developerâs forum at
For the C6455 this would be the single-core forum, ... (see more)

DIO LIB version 1.1.0 now available in "files"

This release includes mainly bug fixes from v1.0.0 release. This release also includes the full csl of 6472 device, which is not publicly available as of the above date (only register level csl is public). This csl bundled here is not officially supported. Once publicly available, a release update will remove the csl from this package.
See "DIO_relnotes.txt" for the complete release notes.
Please post questions/issues to TI forum:

DIO LIB ZIP file now in the "Files" area.

The DIO LIB ZIP file has been removed as an SVN entity and the ZIP file has been placed in the "Files" area. This is the version 1.0.0.
The SVN itself has been removed since DIO will be supported internally by TI in product releases rather than in a true collaborative manner as connotated by a Gforge SVN presence.